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'People are aroused by electrocution':


Leaked audio from a porn lecture juniors at a $47,000-a-year private school once attended by Barron Trump were required to attend reveals that the students were forced to learn about 'electro porn.'

The lecture at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School was held by Justine Ang Fonte, the director of Health & Wellness at another Manhattan private school.

In the audio, which was played on Hannity's show on Thursday, she could be heard teaching students at about how people can be aroused by electrocution videos.

'So electro is like actual ... electrocuting ... that they're doing on porn, but people are actually attracted and aroused by it,' Fonte tells the students. 

'So even if it's actually fake and you know, hopefully the performers are protected or we have real people who are searching for that because that's what they get off to.'

She added that her goal 'as a sex educator is that my students, grades one through 100, have a safe, fulfilling and pleasurable sexual lives, wherever it is going to be relevant for them.' 

The students at Columbia were required to attend the lecture on May 5, entitled: 'Pornography Literacy: An intersectional focus on mainstream porn.' 

Parent Roger Nussenblatt told Hannity: 'We reached out to the school who acknowledged the presentation, and said they didn't know what was going to be presented to the kids. 

'We find that hard to believe considering Ms Fonte's controversial history at the Dalton school. A lot of the parents are afraid to speak up for fear of being cancelled and ostracized.'

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