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7-Year-old Girl Obsessed With Space Will Become the First Kid to Send an Item to the Moon


Elizabeth Norman is obsessed with space and staged the launch of a massive homemade Vulcan Centaur rocket from her garden earlier this year.

Her enormous enthusiasm for all things lunar captured the attention of US experts currently prepping the real Vulcan Centaur for the first moon landing in nearly 50 years.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has a miniscule space left on an upcoming mission to send the first ever private pod to land on the lunar surface.

They've offered to take something belonging to 'Astro Liz', and now a sticker carrying the name of her space blog will be part of the first ever lunar 'time capsule'.

Her family, who are from Leicester in England, have even been invited to wave it goodbye on launch day in Florida at the end of 2021.

The schoolgirl is one of a handful of people in the world to include a personal item on the first ever mission of its kind.

And she's already doing her own astronaut's physical training routine to prepare for a future in space, to one day go visit the moon—and her sticker—in person.

Elizabeth said: "I can't wait to see a video of the capsule with my sticker on the moon taken by the lunar lander.

"Astrobotic is making my space dreams come true and I'm so excited to watch the launch… I love science and space because there is so much to learn and I love exploring and doing experiments." Her future goals? "To walk on the moon and to explore the highest mountain on Mars."