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Fourth of July fireworks are cancelled

•, Frank Holmes

If you're a patriotic American, your favorite national holiday is just around the corner.

Independence Day reminds us of everything that's great with America—the parades, the anthems, and the fireworks that remind us of the wars our veterans fought to keep us free.

Last year, even in the middle of anti-American riots and a global coronavirus outbreak, then-President Donald Trump lifted the country's spirits by having the biggest patriotic bash in years by setting off a flashing display over Mount Rushmore.

Standing next to him was South Dakota's up-and-coming governor, Kristi Noem.

Now that the coronavirus is fading into the past, she wants to celebrate with another patriotic blast of fireworks over the monument to American heroes like no other… but President Joe Biden doesn't want anything to do with it.

With the vaccine that Donald Trump authorized widely available, Gov. Noem announced the fireworks were coming back stronger than ever in 2021.

But in March, the Biden administration stopped it cold.

Joe Biden's National Park Service turned down her request to hold the bash—and got one of his handpicked judges to back him up.