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WATER EMERGENCY ALERT is Issued as Brazil is Facing Drought

• Organic Prepper - by Fabian Ommar

It's official: Brazil is facing drought.

Earlier this month, the government issued a hydric emergency alert (AEH) for five of the twenty-seven federative units. It's the first in over a century – more precisely, 111 years – which tells something about the seriousness of the situation. 

The AEH will last from June through September when the rain season supposedly begins. It doesn't sound like a big deal for a tropical country the size of a country with traditionally voluminous hydric resources. 

However, the level of threat is now deemed "critical" by some agencies and institutes. Only a week ago, it was severe. Also, these states are some of the most industrialized in the country. A significant part of food production happens in these states. 

Sometimes it feels like SHTF from all sides

Brazil's drought and its impacts have a few differences to the one going on in the U.S. right now. Although consequences could be related and even interconnect at some point in the near future.