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How A Fastly Customer "Triggered" Yesterday's "Broad And Severe" Global Inte

• Zero Hedge

Fastly, a major content delivery network, triggered a major internet blackout on Tuesday morning has blamed a software bug. 

We first noticed the problem a little after 0600 ET Tuesday when countless websites, including Reddit, Financial Times, PayPal, and other websites, went down. 

"We experienced a global outage due to an undiscovered software bug that surfaced on June 8 when it was triggered by a valid customer configuration change," Nick Rockwell, Fastly's senior vice president of engineering and infrastructure, wrote in a blog post late Tuesday. 


Here's a timeline of yesterday's disruption (all times are in UTC): 

09:47 Initial onset of global disruption

09:48 Global disruption identified by Fastly monitoring

09:58 Status post is published

10:27 Fastly Engineering identified the customer configuration

10:36 Impacted services began to recover

11:00 Majority of services recovered

12:35 Incident mitigated

12:44 Status post resolved

17:25 Bug fix deployment began

We noted yesterday that incidents like this underline the fragility of the internet and how the global internet is dependent on a handful of companies like Fastly and Cloudflare for vital infrastructure. On the flip side, the incident also highlights how quickly an outrage of this magnitude can be resolved.