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House of Cards

• E.J. Dion
The Post wrote that at "the time he sent the first letter, McCain had flown on Paxson's corporate jet four times to appear at campaign events and had received $20,000 in campaign donations from Paxson and its law firm.

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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IF "John McCain" is such an "Honest Man",why won`t he release the "POW" papers he had hidden away for ever?
"John McCain",aka,(Song Bird) is a lying "Traitor" in every sense of the word,BUT!!! Americas youth wants him to lead their country into more war,so! Americas youth will not save America..just the opposite as a matter of fact.
OH YEAH!!! Diebold,by accident,has already released the name of the winner of this election....John McCain is the name they have as the winner.Check out the video of a "Diabold" CEO saying "I`m sorry!" This rep also talked of a planned "Assignation".Check it out for youself.