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Newsmax Host accuses Nickelodeon of 'transgender indoctrination' of America's youth...


Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield claimed that Nickelodeon has 'gone off the deep end' with its 'transgender indoctrination' after the children's channel aired a music video performed by a drag queen in honor of Pride Month.

The music video features 42-year-old performer and RuPaul's Drag Race alum Andrew Levitt, who also goes by the name Nina West.

Over the course of two minutes and 30 seconds, West explains the meaning behind the colors of the rainbow and urges children to be proud of who they are.

'Red means life because living is a gift. Orange means healing and we have to persist in working to heal the world and healing ourselves,' West sings amid animations of children holding hands and rainbow flags waving high.

Before showing a clip of the music video, Stinchfield, who hosts an eponymous daily show on the conservative Newsmax, warns his guests that he's about to show them a 'doozy.'

'Not that I have anything against gay people, whatever it may be, but their transgender indoctrination of kids is just out of left field,' he says.

'Do you understand the amount of questions parents are going to get after that?'

Guest Isabella Riley dug in even further, saying Nickelodeon may have had 'sinister motives.'

'Like you said, I don't have a problem with gay people. I don't care about transgender people. My problem is that you're shoving it down everyone's throats, and I reject any pride month that is just celebrating identity politics,' she said. 

She went on to call the video 'creepy,' saying it makes her 'never want to have kids.' 

'I don't want to bring them into a world where this is being pushed on them, and it's scary, including critical race theory in public schools,' she continued, bringing up another lightning rod topic that has become a rallying cry for conservatives across the country.