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Israeli Airstrikes Hit Several Targets Across Syria

•, by Jason Ditz

Syrian state media reported a flurry of airstrikes overnight Tuesday. The strikes came from Lebanese airspace, and appear to have been an Israeli attack, which hit and damaged several sites in southern and central Syria.

The Syrian military reported moving to intercept the incoming missiles, and that they had shot some down. Others hit, with media reporting large explosions. Details on what was hit aren't clear, but Homs Province was apparently among the sites where explosions happened.

Interceptions aside, the fact that multiple targets were hit means we should expect casualties, potentially substantial ones. Despite this, Syrian state media has reported no casualties so far, instead saying that the strikes only caused material damage.

Israel attacking Syria is common, happening at least once a week. This strike is unusual for hitting multiple targets across the country, as usually individual salvos are targeting a single site at a given time.