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I warned you **NOT** to Take The Vax . . . NOW look . . .

• Hal Turner Radio Show

For months, this web site has warned readers they should **NOT** take the "jab" because the so-called "vaccine" for COVID was not really a vaccine; it is messenger RNA (mRNA) which alters people's DNA. 

In October of 2020 long before the "vaccine" was released, this web site warned readers of an actual PLAN, revealed by a Liberal Member of the Canada Parliament, that this entire COVID thing was actually a depopulation plan and there would be DELIBERATE mass deaths (Article HERE).

Vaccine distribution began in different places starting in 2021. 

I have contacts on Taiwan and speak to them from time to time.

I just had a call with one of my former colleagues from Taiwan. The last time we spoke he was so happy because life there was normal, hardly any COVID, they could live normal life, just needed to wear a mask when shopping/movies/concerts/etc.