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 I also will not be permitted to see or be with not only my first grandchild, but also my, per sonogram, grandson that is due October 7. 

My SIL is in residency at a major, Level 1 teaching hospital, did two years of research in cancer via a grant from NIH as part of his medical schooling, and is specializing in Radiology Oncology. He has enormous influence therefore on my daughter and his family when it comes to all things medical, as expected. 

He wrote me a warmly presented email  regarding how he determined that the 'vaccines' were safe, and attached PDFs sections from drug companies and research papers that he thought were pertinent to his giving a stamp-of-approval to take them. 

He also included a personalized PDF showing his decision process with topical headings such as: 

Hi K.., here's my not so short rundown of the COVID vaccines:

How do you determine a drug is safe?

Having spent much of my PhD research learning about transitional medicine, the practice of taking a drug from pre- clinical studies to first in human clinical studies, I have good experience in finding the sources that helped me be confident that the COVID vaccines are safe. Here's an overview of how I did that.

The first step in determining if these vaccines are safe is determining what's in them.