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A biblical-scale duplicate of Noah's Ark faces a pricey issue

• The BL

Because it is deemed unseaworthy, a Dutch replica of the biblical animal-rescuing ark has been kept in the United Kingdom for 19 months. According to a report, the incident sparked a diplomatic controversy and fines of $700 per day.

It has piled up a bill of more than $17,000 due to being detained, with daily fines now totaling $700 since April 1, the NY Post stated.

Now it's Noah's Ark that needs saving.

Per the official documents obtained by the Ipswich Star, the 230-feet-long floating museum made a rare excursion out of Holland in November 2019 to dock in Orwell Quay in Ipswich, where it was seized by coast guard personnel who refused to allow it to sail away.

They noted the $3.7 million ark's age and the fact that it lacked required certificates and details regarding its weight and stability, according to the report.

"We do have concerns about this vessel and we cannot rely on the grace of God that it can be safely towed to Holland," officials from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency wrote.

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