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Inspiring Stories of People Who Realized You MUST ADAPT to Survive an Economic Collapse

• By J.G. Martinez

Unfortunately, many people I knew could not survive the combination of the Venezuela crisis and the pandemic. However, a few of my childhood friends were able to adapt to survive – and even thrive. They are small-town-born and bred, honest, down-to-earth, God-fearing people. They are the owners of the stories I bring along today for all of our readers.

I had advantages that others did not

I had huge advantages over many of my coworkers and friends. Being a prepper, I mentioned stocking a good pantry, installing a generator, a water tank, and getting an induction kitchen with the proper cookware. Do you think they listened? They were more like, "Hey, the steaks are on the grill, the beer is cold, kids playing in the pool…what can go wrong? Preparing for the Apocalypse is for weirdos." (No wonder you suffered hardship, Pedro. I hope your nothing-but-lentils diet for two months doesn't make you sick.)

Initially, my goal was to improve my immediate financial situation by obtaining a few beneficial skills like learning English and industrial machinery inspection. Now, my goals are to become self-reliant and independent.