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Disassembling the Best Built EV Battery in the World - BMW

•, DavidPoz

This is a Li-NMC battery out of a BMW Active E.  There are 96 cells in series making a nominal 355.2 Volt battery, at 80 Amp hours.  This comes out to 28,416 Wh, or about 28.4 kWh of capacity.  It arrived in a crate in three modules.  The crate weighed 1300 pounds. 

This battery was from Battery Hookup. However, it is currently out of stock. Here is a link to my current favorite battery available from Battery Hookup: Use coupon code: DAVIDPOZ for a discount, and to help the channel through the affiliate program. To see Part 1, disassembling the first module, go here: Video describing BMS options: