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Whatever the disputed facts are regarding the 2020 presidential election, the security of the United States' election system has been incrementally deteriorating for years. State governments have implemented an increasing number of measures over time in the name of making voting more accessible and fair. These measures, including a slew of mail-in options and secretive counting processes, have made elections more vulnerable to fraud than they've ever been.

It's long past time to restore America's election integrity. Without fair elections, we do not have a free country.

The Restore Election Integrity action project aims to restore the election process as well as public trust in it. The goal is to help educate citizens about the problems with our elections and then mobilize everyone to push legislators toward reform. The ultimate goal is to have every legal vote count and every illegitimate one tossed out.

In essence, satisfactory election reform would result in a simple and secure system in which citizens with a Voter ID would vote in-person on Election Day at their local precinct, where anyone can watch the ballot count.