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Media Continue Fake News Campaign Against Mercola

• by Joseph Mercola

The title of the article — "Spreading Vaccine Fears. And Cashing In." — and its content, however, reveal that it's far from actual journalism and nothing more than biased propaganda.2

In the interest of full disclosure, I'm publishing my full response to reporter Liz Essley Whyte below. Whyte contacted in April 2021, stating she was "writing an article about anti-vaccine activists for whom activism is also a way to make money" and asking if I'd be willing to do an interview with her. My team asked for a list of questions and, after repeated follow-ups, those were provided about one month later.

Among them, "What is your response to critics who say your frequent criticism of mainstream medicine, including vaccines, serve to build a customer base and boost your profits?" and "How much does (and/or any other Mercola-branded companies) do in sales and/or profits (in dollar figures) per year? How has that grown over the years? How did the pandemic affect those figures?"