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Top 5 VOC-Free Paints for a Non-Toxic Eco Van, Skoolie, or Tiny Home

•, by Ramblin Farmers

At seemingly every turn, we'd try to purchase paint, insulation, plywood, adhesive, flooring, or other materials and find cancer warnings, headaches smells, and toxic ingredients. 

As organic farmers, we obviously hold our own health and respect for nature as our highest priority. Over the years, we have become aware of the toxic chemicals and carcinogens looming in everything from conventional food to insulation to grassy parks. It's scary how pervasive toxins are in our daily lives!

Most people don't realize that modern society is living in a toxic soup! 

We were honestly shocked when we realized that even the majority nomads and "van life" folks are not aware of the toxic chemicals looming in every component of their tiny home build. 

I was searching relentlessly for natural building products to use in our short school bus conversion until I finally found an array of eco-friendly non-toxic solutions like sheep wool insulation and VOC-free paint. 

After a lifelong struggle with asthma and allergies, my lungs have functioned at their highest capacity in 20 years ever since living in our off-grid skoolie. 

The air quality in our bus is probably best I've ever lived in, and as a result I have been able to ditch my inhaler altogether. I've got non-toxic building products and our active outdoor lifestyle to thank.