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Including Kids or Grandkids in Your RV Lifestyle?

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Thinking about including your young kids or grandkids in your RV Lifestyle? Here are a few things to consider…before you go RVing.

Taking your kids or grandkids along is a great way to make them a part of your RV lifestyle.

You can visit state parks, national parks, historic sites, and popular vacation destinations like Disney World.

Before you leave home though, take a look at some of the most important considerations for including minor children in RV trips.

Let's Talk about Safety And Comfort when you have kids or grandkids in your RV

Including Kids or Grandkids in Your RV Lifestyle? 1

How is your RV set up for passengers?

Keep in mind that most RVs are not designed for car seats to be used. And each state in the US has a different set of safety requirements for children.

If your RV travels include children under the age of 8, a travel trailer pulled behind the family SUV is a more appropriate way to hit the road.

You can still use a motorhome, but make sure that you have child seat options or a child seat designed specifically for an RV.

There aren't a lot of forward-facing seats in a motorhome and that is very important for small children.

And don't forget while we are thinking about safety – children are more prone to cuts and scratches, or even rubbing against a little poison ivy, and the savvy RV traveler will be prepared.