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Federal Protection of "Oath Keepers" Kingpin Stewart Rhodes---


Stewart Rhodes is the founder, boss and kingpin of the Oath Keepers.

The Oath Keepers, we are told, are America's largest militia, the most prominent antigovernment group in the United States, and the preeminent right-wing domestic extremist insider threat to the entire U.S. military.


Whatever the truth of these hyperbolic claims, the fact remains: the Oath Keepers are the most extensively prosecuted paramilitary group alleged to be involved in 1/6. Indeed, it was the alleged "pre-planned assault" on the Capitol by Stewart Rhodes's alleged Oath Keepers lieutenants that was used as the key talking point to try to convert the day's events from a protest into an "insurrection."

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Comment by Teresa Hancock
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Yup. Read that today at Seems quite possible! Seems like whenever Rhodes shows up with his Top Security (Feds) they then send in well-meaning foot soldiers in and get arrested.. Remember Bundy Ranch?? Seems like any good movement always has controllers, I know many loyal, good-hearted Oathkeepers myself. But this journalist raises some VERY GOOD Questions.