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Gov. Northam signs bill to provide food banks with easier access to fresh foods

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The legislation helps local food banks to directly purchase the items from the farmers and onto the tables of families in need.

"This program that we have now will make it easier for many of us to work with Virginia farmers. We had a shipment just this morning from Waterpenny Farm of 800,000 pounds of just terrific produce," said Radha Muthiah, President & CEO of Capital Area Food Bank.

The bill will support families financially recovering from the pandemic and those who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). First Lady Pamela Northam also referenced the administration's efforts to provide the farm to table foods to students.

"Growing brains need full tummies. You can't learn when you're hungry," the first lady said.

Gov. Northam says it's a win-win, putting money into the pockets of local farmers while providing quality food to families. The bill comes after Northam allocated $7 million in CARES Act funding to Virginia food banks to aid those who rely on food assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.