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As Women Continue to Fail, Air Force Removes Running and Pushups From Mandatory Training


The Air Force has announced that running and pushups will be removed from mandatory training, as women continue to fail to live up to the standards that have been required for men.

Airmen will now have the option of walking instead of running during a "choose your own adventure" testing, which may as well have been a Babylon Bee parody story from three years ago but is now our actual reality under President-imposed Joe Biden. 

"Say you're not a long-distance runner but you wanted to run fast back and forth, we have a shuttle run back and forth about 25 meters apart," Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass said.

They will also allow airmen to avoid doing real push-ups and opt for easier modified push-ups instead. The "woke" military, which now cares more about promoting feminism, transgenderism and hatred of whites than winning wars, is lowering the bar because women can't keep up.