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What if anti-vaxxers decide to 'identify' as being inoculated?

•, By Dale Lowdermilk

Everyone attending this event was required to show proof of vaccination, which raises some uncomfortable "what if" questions.

What if:

Forged vaccination documents were used to gain entrance?

A handful of people standing in line had a fever and were coughing violently, but carried written proof they'd received the COVID vaccine?

A dedicated Springsteen fan had religious, allergy, and medical reasons for not getting the inoculation?

An attendee "identified" as a male, but the vaccination "certificate" indicated that she is a female?

A handful of enthusiastic "Bruce Tramps" arrived at the concert wearing hermetically sealed, level-4 hazmat suits, with notarized letters from Dr. Fauci (and pinky-promises) that they're absolutely, positively non-contagious?

Someone had a vaccination receipt for a Caucasian female but "identified" as an African-American, heterosexual male, in a wheelchair, with PTSD?

A person had proof of vaccination but was wearing a hooded white sheet, a MAGA hat, a BLM t-shirt, and a Biden/Harris campaign button?

An attendee had no written medical paperwork but "identified" as having received all of the available vaccines several times?