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Increasing Percentage of Americans Believe Public Health Officials Are Lying About COVID-19...

•, By Patriot Editor

The CDC and the vast majority of health officials who are allowed to discuss the Covid-19 vaccines are lying about the safety of these experimental injections. This has been demonstrated time and again over the last few months. With VAERS data showing over 400,000 adverse reactions reported already, anyone in the healthcare profession (and therefore aware of the risks these drugs present) who says these drugs are safe is lying.

Unfortunately, that's most of them. Even more unfortunate are the results of a recent Rasmussen poll that shows a mere 1/3rd of Americans believe public health officials are lying. The good news is this percentage is increasing; less than a quarter of Americans believed the CDC was lying about "vaccine" safety in a similar April poll.

One does not have to be an anti-vaxxer or conspiracy theorist to realize government and their proxies are lying to push an agenda. There could even be a large percentage of pro-Covid-vaccine Americans who are willing to acknowledge the CDC is lying and doing so for their interpretation of the "greater good." But for the vast majority of Americans to believe the CDC and other public health officials are NOT lying about the safety of Covid-19 injections means we have a lot of work to do.