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A Primer On Moral Education


Moral education, however, is a dicey subject: many people have pre-existing opinions on the subject, and frequently very strong ones. Still, moral education needs to be restored, and I think I can work around those problems well enough.

And so, as a first step in this mission, I want to explain my most basic thoughts on moral education. Here they are:

Our purpose: The purpose of moral education is to produce better human beings; everything else comes second to that.

Even our children sharing our own values is a secondary issue. Sharing the same values is beneficial, but the very best values must first be found, and then adopted by both parents and children. Sameness is nice, but quality is paramount. We want our children to exceed us, not to be limited by us.

I am very much interested in the restoration of Western civilization, but that's not my purpose in addressing this subject. I value Western civilization for a number of reasons, and in our coverage I'll use a lot of Western civilization's core stories. But I do that for secondary reasons, mainly because I think a return to Western civilization is the best path forward for the greatest number of people just now. (And by a large margin.) The truth, however, is that even the best version of Western civilization we can conjure will be inferior to future models of civilization.