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US Seeks To "Assure" UK Extradition Court Julian Assange Won't Face Cruel Confinement

•, by Tyler Durden

If extradited Assange is facing life in prison on espionage charges, likely at the Colorado supermax where inmates spend 23 of 24 hours a day in solitary confinement inside a small cell; however, this week the US government is trying to give "assurances" to a UK court that he "won't be held under the strictest maximum-security conditions if extradited to the US," according to new Wall Street Journal reporting on Wednesday.

n this very basis of Assange likely facing cruel confinement if extradited to US soil, a UK court previously blocked his extradition in January, but on Wednesday the UK ruled in favor of a US appeal

During the January ruling the judge reasoned that he would be a suicide risk based on his delicate psychological state - having spent much of the last decade of his life confined - first inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London while on the run, and since his apprehension from the embassy inside the high security Belmarsh prison.