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What if the Internet was 3D and Collaborative?

• PLAN Systems

PLAN 3D (alpha) Demonstration

Pic 1. Multi-Tasking on PLAN 3D (alpha)

PLAN is an open source software platform being developed for spatial collaboration and community resiliency applications. The featured video is a demonstration of the PLAN 3D (alpha) client interface, featuring highlights of the user experience and capabilities being developed. Sponsor the development of PLAN and get early access to PLAN 3D (alpha) on Mac, Windows, Android, and coming soon to iOS.

Access PLAN 3D (alpha) with a donation to PLAN Systems here:

Features of PLAN:

– Visualize and interact in 3D spaces and environments
– Place 3D terrain, designer environments, or 3D models & glyphs at any location in a Space
– Make 3D glyphs interactive by adding Links and Channel functionality
– Spatial Linking! Easily "Add a Link" to any webpage, meet up in channels and collaborate in Spaces
– Arrange and view multiple interface windows … Multi-tasking Tabs snap to any edge
– Design and customize 3D environments … move, scale, and rotate 3D models and glyphs
– Change the skybox backdrop from cosmic, abstract, to 360 images
– Browse the web from Links in your 3D Spaces! Includes an ultra-simple 2D web browser
– A Space Channel lets you dive into Spaces within Spaces and explore content
– A Talk Channel lets you leave a simple message in a simple chat interface
– A Sheets Channel lets you create a simple 4×100 table of information
– Automatically connects to the default PLAN community and content library

Contact for a demo, sponsorship info, or service requests. PLAN Systems is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to education, science, and economic development.