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7 Simple Tips To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Camp

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One of the most aggravating things about the RV lifestyle is dealing with mosquitoes and other flying pests (black flies anyone?).

For many, the simple solution to mosquitoes is to douse themselves with chemicals, but using bug spray is far from being the best way to repel insects.

For the rest of us, these 7 tips will minimize the annoyance of insects without the use of pesticides like DEET.

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Tip #1: For Pesticide Users

bug spray bucket for mosquitoes

Bug Spray is important

If you are going to use products that contain DEET or other household pesticides, spraying objects instead of the skin reduces contact with the chemicals but produces acceptable results.

Spray seat cushions, under tables, and curtains. You can also spray a little on a rag and mount it on a post.

A word to the wise, DEET has a corrosive effect on soft plastics so be very careful about handling plastic objects after getting DEET on your hands.

Tip #2: Using Essential Oils



Mint is doubly effective against ants and mosquitoes and can be used in a variety of ways.

In a permanent setting, try planting mint around your fence line and then mow it immediately before outside gatherings.

At remote campsites spray the area with mint essential oil mixtures. Even mint candies and mouthwash has limited effectiveness, although the concentration of essential oils is often too low to be noticeably useful.

Mint is far from the only essential oil at your disposal, but it has a fresh aromatic appeal that people enjoy.

Making your own bug repellent is a great way to keep mosquitoes away from your camp. Start with a spray bottle and mix a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into a cup of water.

Remember to shake vigorously before each use. Next, add 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. There are quite a few of these concentrated plant extracts that will repel insects, but you should only use one in a mixture.

Some of the most popular essential oils for the job include: