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Where the Divide in Star Wars Mirrors the Culture War

•, Tom Luongo

For me it is one of the very best the franchise has ever produced because of its willingness to challenge our assumptions about how the mythology in Star Wars actually works.

I know many out there feel very differently. And that's fine, as long as you are honest about why you feel that way.

And that mythology is an important thing to challenge in a time where the Myth of America is fading. The Myth of Democracy, Socialism, Equality are failing. Gender Roles and and all other societal norms are under assault. In fact, challenging dogma and narratives is what this blog and all of my content is geared towards, even if I don't get things right all the time.

No one does. Everyone fails. Even our childhood heroes.

And I know that is difficult, if not downright disturbing, to deal with. But, we're all going through it, even the people making these movies.