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The Obsession of the Unhealthy

• Eric Peters Autos

There is an old joke about the fat lady ordering fast food. She gets a double bacon cheeseburger, large fries . . . and a diet Coke.

She probably just got the shot, too. She almost certainly wore the Face Diaper.

It is an interesting, almost mathematical axiom that the people most freaked out about their health are the people who are the least healthy in terms of their habits, which tends to render one unhealthy.

It's less the 'Rona that's killing people than obesity, largely caused by eating "food" not far removed from flavored drywall paste (washed down with lots of over-sweetened liquid diabetes in an estrogen-leaching plastic bottle) and killing habits such as not regularly exercising, which increases the tendency toward obesity. Add some pills – and vaccines – to the mix and what you end up with, ta-da, is a population of vulnerable people who easily get sick – sometimes very – from what would otherwise likely be minor illnesses, if they even got sick at all.

The "science" supports this, incidentally. It's just not discussed, much.

Who – other than the elderly – is most likely to die from the 'Rona? Get your parking ticket validated if you answered, obese people. If you're elderly and heavy then you're in trouble – but it's not because of the 'Rona. It's because you're unhealthy – and the cure for that isn't medicine.

Which by the way may make you even more unhealthy and vulnerable.

Put another way: If you are height-weight proportionate, exercise regularly and are careful about what you eat, your health is the medicine that will keep you from getting sick. This is an inarguable truth and far more "safe and effective" than the supposed palliative being really pushed on people right now – including, strangely, on quite healthy people.