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White House blocks inquiry into construction of $736m embassy in Iraq

• The Guardian
The Bush administration is blocking an inquiry into the delay-plagued construction of the $736m US embassy in Baghdad. The chairman of the House oversight committee asked secretary of state Rice today to explain why her department certified

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Comment by Catherine
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I don't understand WHY more people are not talking about THIS ISSUE along with all of the other costs in this illegal war - $$$ wise not even counting our dead and wounded troops plus INNOCENT people being killed and maimed. It is absolutely crazy! Attacking a country that did not attack us - nuts, wrong, immoral, Unconstitutional, etc.

What ever happened to all of that MISSING money that is still missing? What about those NO BID contracts and follow the money deals? NO one discusses these things in the mass media! A 30 second sound bite here and there - if that!