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You Don't Have to Send Your Kid Back to Public School This Fall--Here Are Your Options

• by Kerry McDonald

This year's back-to-school season is as uncertain and unsettling as the last. With schools in some parts of the country set to open early next month, the CDC just announced its virus control recommendations which include required masking for unvaccinated students and staff, continued social distancing, and frequent virus testing.

These guidelines were put forth even as new research confirms the minimal risk to children of COVID-19 and explains why places such as the UK are not recommending vaccinating most children under 18 against the disease.

Currently, COVID-19 vaccination is only available for individuals 12 and over in the US, and many parents are choosing not to have their children vaccinated against this virus, which will leave a lot of students wearing masks all day at school and create headaches for school personnel to track who is and who is not allowed to be mask-free.