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DEPOPULATION EVENT! - From Hollywood To The WORLD ORDER with Chuck Huber

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson - Bitchut

Josh Sigurdson talks with voice actor Chuck Huber about the global tyranny we're all facing. Recently, Chuck Huber got into it on Twitter with actor John Cusack regarding the jab. We got dragged into the conversation as well and next thing we knew, Cusack had sent his Twitter followers after both of us. We invited Chuck on and we're glad we did!

Chuck has a great insight into the fear based mind control that so much of the public is facing and how Hollywood helps to spread that fear.

In this video, we talk about everything from Hollywood, jab passports, the global government, how Chuck woke up back on 9/11 and how he woke up to the covid propaganda before it even happened.

We also go into the issue of technocracy/the cashless society and some of the solutions going forward which ironically includes decentralized cashless systems like cryptocurrency.