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The Brain: An exploration of the neuroscience of stress, fear, rest and peace.

•, ZachBushMD

This webinar explores the neuroscience of stress and release, offering actionable strategies to live a more healthy, balanced life with less fear and more creativity.

At a time when it seems the world has gone mad, most of us struggle to live our best lives. We often feel helpless, alone, or overcome by a sense of doom. We forget these feelings are not representative of the reality we actually live in, but instead are the result of how our brains interpret the world around us. 

We tend to view the brain as an organ that controls everything we do, not realizing we are in control. Understanding more about how the brain creates stress and anxiety can help us find effective strategies to manage these emotional responses. In doing so, we can learn to control our thoughts, our actions, and our intentions — thus controlling our emotions and responses to any event in our lives.