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Japanese firm will launch a sex toy into SPACE this summer to research the effects of spaceflight

• Daily Mail

-The launch is a collaboration between Tenga and Interstellar Technologies Inc.

-'Tenga Rocket' will lift off from the Hokkaido Spaceport within the next month 

-It will reach an altitude of 62 miles, getting to the very edge of the atmosphere

-Aboard will be the special sex toy, supporter messages and two action figures

-The launch was crowdfunded by supports to the tune of ¥1,833,680 (£12,000)

A sex toy will thrust its way into space this summer as a Japanese adult firm sets out to find out how the device performs during spaceflight and in zero gravity.

The space shot is a collaboration between male masturbation aid designer Tenga and civilian spaceflight company Interstellar Technologies Inc.