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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? 'Superhero Vaccine' in Development

• NOQReport

-Clinical trials of a single component are set to start as early as 2026, with a combination "vaccine" available within 15 years; the scientist hopes to use it on adults with serious clinical conditions before releasing it to the general public and children

-The Human Genome Project discovered chronic diseases are not controlled by a single gene but rather a complex combination of mutations, environmental factors and your gut microbiome

-COVID-19 and the fear generated by multiple governments may have been the motivational factor that ultimately encouraged people to take a genetic therapy experiment in the COVID vaccine

-Scientists anticipate the "superhero vaccine" may lower the risk of heart disease by 50%, yet health experts estimate making lifestyle changes could lower the death rate from heart disease by 80%

Stanford University recently announced work on a "groundbreaking 'superhero' vaccine inspired by the DNA code of Olympic athletes."1 Euan Ashley is a professor of medicine and genetics at Stanford University, and the genetic scientist behind this attempt to use science to adjust your DNA, with unknown short-term and long-term consequences.