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HOLY SMOKES Meet California's 'weed nuns' who are on a mission to heal the world with ca


The women grow and harvest their own cannabis plants to create holistic medicinal products, such as cannabidiol (CBD) salves, tinctures, balms, and soaps which they sell online.

They use a strain of marijuana that eliminates the psychoactive compound of THC, but still contains CBD, which has been touted to help treat everything from epilepsy to cancer and addiction.

Sister Kate, real name Christine Meeusen, started the business with only 12 plants but has since grown the organization into an international outfit that was, until the pandemic, turning profits of more than $1.1million.


Despite the group's moniker, Sister Kate told The Sun that the Sisters of the Valley are in no way affiliated with the Catholic Church.

"We do things that are spiritual but none of us are associated with any religion specifically," she explained. "Religions sell words but we want to do much more than that."

Sister Kate added that the Sisters of the Valley are striving to revive spiritual practices that "put Mother Earth at the center of everything."

"So we created something that is nonreligious, but it's spiritual – and it's very eco-feminist in nature."

According to Sister Kate, the group does emulate a number of elements true to the traditional nun lifestyle.