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The Fauci Protection Team

• by Paul Craig Rob 

Fauci is in difficulty for a variety of reasons, including his conflicts of interest with Big Pharma.  He has a financial relationship with companies whose products he approves.  But his big trouble at the moment is that he lied to Congress when he denied funding research working to develop the Covid virus. NIH records show that he financed research on how to make Covid virus more transmissible at UNC and at the Wuhan lab.  

When Fauci denies funding the research at Wuhan, he is trying to hide behind having used a third party, EcoHealth Alliance, to route the money to Wuhan.  Fauci claims he financed EcoHealth Alliance, but the grant documents indicate that Fauci and the NIH knew where the money was going and what it was going to be used for.  NPR and the rest of the scum presstitutes have done their best to cover up for Fauci, but the grant documents are clear.

US Senator Rand Paul has said that he is sending a criminal referral on Fauci to the US Department of Justice as lying in testimony to Congress is a crime.  If memory serves, it was something like this that got General Flynn investigated, indicted and convicted.