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Zen & the Art of Being a Federal

• by Patrick Byrne

 According to my sources, several weeks ago, in offices around the federal government, language began to be used such as has never been used in history. Language such as, "When we come back from Labor Day we are going to start going after Conservative groups" (not "extremists" or "White Nationalists", but "Conservative groups"). Word also reaches me of discontent and "near civil war conditions" in some nooks and crannies of your esteemed offices. I write with the hope of pouring oil on troubled waters.

My political leanings are known. Like Milton Friedman, I define myself as a small "l" libertarian small "r" republican (and have no love for the Republicans). Given this, it might be assumed by some that I am antagonistic towards federal employees. Yes there are individuals at certain commissions with whom I have had friction, but my mentor General Jack Vessey once told me, "Federal employees don't go in every day wanting to do a bad job. It's their leadership."