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Libertarian Reform Measures Do Not Advance Liberty

• Jacob Hornberger - FFF

Unfortunately, however, libertarian reform measures do not advance liberty. Instead, they advance reform, which necessarily entails the continued existence of the welfare-warfare state way of life, albeit in some reformed fashion.

As I have long argued, in order to achieve the genuinely free society, we have to eliminate, not reform, infringements on liberty. If all we do is reform an infringement, the best we can hope for is an improvement in our lives as welfare-warfare state serfs. Even if every single libertarian reform measure were to be adopted today, we would still not be free.

The most popular libertarian reform measures are school vouchers, health-savings accounts, Social Security "privatization," regulatory reform, slight reductions in the military budget, selective foreign interventionism (i.e., only when it's in our "national interest"), CIA reform, FISA court reform, surveillance reform, drug-war reform, and even striving to get libertarian-leaning conservatives appointed to run federal welfare agencies and departments.

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