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IPFS News Link • Police Brutality and Militarization


• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson-Bitchute

Josh Sigurdson reports on the insane levels of police brutality worldwide as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture requests information of recent videos of German police in Berlin beating women and children for protesting peacefully in favor of bodily autonomy.
The world is getting crazier. People are getting more and more restless. Millions are taking their anger to the streets against lockdowns and vaccine passports. In places like France and Italy the movement is growing stronger. However, in Germany where they temporarily banned protests that don't support the state, police are caught on video brutally beating innocent men, women and children, especially the latter two.
This has lead Nils Melzer to ask for information and witness testimonies regarding the incidents and has lead to many believing there may be an international investigation into the police brutality seen on so many videos.
Meanwhile in places like Australia, people are being brutalized daily under the guise of "health" and "getting back to freedom."
In Brisbane, an elderly man was arrested and laughed at in a public park for not wearing a mask despite him pleading with them to understand his medical exemption. This lead to the man going into a seizure and cardiac arrest. When they finally found out he did indeed have heart pills, they weren't laughing at his medical exemption any longer.
In New York City they have announced that vaccine passports will be necessary to get into any bars or restaurants.
This continues because people ALLOW it to continue. As long as people don't stand up, freedom will die with thunderous applause.