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Watching America Disintegrate

• by Paul Craig Rob

I firmly believe that If we added up the IQs of the entire illegitimate Biden Regime and multiplied them by 100 it would be half of the intelligence of one of my cats.

Listen to  Jeffrey Zients who has the exalted title of "Biden Coronavirus Response Coordinator."  He said Biden's idea of state and local governments giving people $100 to get themselves vaccinated is perhaps helpful, "but in addition to incentives, it's time to impose some requirements based on the realities of different risks unvaccinated individuals pose versus those who have been vaccinated." 

Does anyone really believe that it is impossible that Zients is unaware of the internal Pfizer memo reported in the New York Times and Washington Post?  This is the memo that says that vaccinated people make up three-quarters of those infected in a massive Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak, that the delta variant is as easily spread by vaccinated people as by the unvaccinated, and that the pivotal clinical trial for the Pfizer Covid vaccine shows it does nothing to reduce the overall risk of death from the virus. 

Biden is trying to pressure corporations to mandate vaccination for employees, but in case they don't he is hoping his corrupt Department of Injustice can come up with a justification for ignoring the civil rights of the American people and coercing all Americans to be vaccinated with a toxic substance that is reaping havoc on hundreds of thousands of Americans and Europeans.