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Guess What Else the Lying Liars Lie About

• by Tom Woods

What's happened with the virus and government policy over the past year and a half has confirmed what libertarians have long thought and feared.

But it's also been a red-pill moment for plenty of normies who never for a minute could have imagined their governments getting up to anything like this.

So being me, I've been trying to take this opportunity, via the Tom Woods Show and to a lesser extent this newsletter, and connect some dots.

For instance:

According to Keynesian economics, the free-market economy — in other words, what exists when you and I are allowed to interact freely, without interference from our overlords — tends naturally toward unemployment or underemployment of resources (including labor). Therefore, the economy requires expert management for our own good.

Is that starting to make more sense, and be less surprising, in light of the "expert management" we've supposedly needed because of the virus?


Is it surprising to you that the historical narrative the regime expects us to accept is that the state has been our great protector against economic downturn and foreign enemies, and that without them we'd be utterly lost?