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DIY Mini-Split Heat Pump, Full Installation, 2021

•, DavidPoz

I'm installing this in my garage, workshop, to cool it in the summer, and help heat it in winter.  The installation went pretty smooth.  The included manual shows you how to install most of the parts.  

I installed this in the middle of summer, and it's hot!  After 48 hours of run-time the mini-split had the whole garage cooled to 64°F and is only drawing a tiny 130 Watts to maintain that temperature!  Wow!  That's amazing how the inverter driven compressor can draw so little power.

The manual says to just pull a vacuum using a vacuum pump.  However, I also include using a nitrogen tank to pressure test the system and check for leaks.  

Since this mini-split can run on straight 240V (no neutral) I can run this on my Growatt inverters that I installed in a previous video.  Actually, I could install up to 5 of these mini-split air conditioners on just one Growatt 5000 inverter.  That's a cool way to move some loads off the grid.