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Civil Disobedience Needs to be Enacted Against the Criminal and Treasonous Biden Administration

• by Dave Hodges

The modern-day version of Benedict Arnold, "Sippy cup" Joe Biden, is on a single mission, as the stolen-Presidency-Communist-In-Chief, and that mission is to destroy America on behalf of the Chinese who are blackmailing the Biden crime family. Ultimately, he is serving the globalist interest by destroying the last bastion of freedom.

A state of treason exists between the illegal occupier of the White House and the American people. Biden and his administration have declared war on the American people, the American military and the Constitution of the United States. Biden's corporate minions are forcing you to take dangerous vaccines, unproven vaccines, while suppressing any other type of alternativemedical treatment because it doesn't benefit big pharma. Meanwhile, he's allowing over 100,000 illegal immigrants into the country who are COVID positive and distributing them around the country so they can spread the virus. This is a direct act of war against the American people. This is an impeachable offense. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is missing in action.

Recently, 18 Republican senators betrayed the American people by voting for a budget busting, hyperinflation bill that will be causing collapse of the dollar by voting for the $3.5 trillion pork laden new Green Deal another related payoffs to democratic donors. Even Biden's $200 billion payoff to the National Education Association is an act of treason. Why? Because it's promoting violence and civil unrest through its Hitler Youth style of education through Critical Race Theory and the discredited 1619 project.