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U.S. Gov't Paying Farmers to **DESTROY** Crops in Ground; Threaten to cut-off Farm Subsidies


The United States Department of Agriculture is INTENTIONALLY creating a FOOD SHORTAGE.  They are sending "Destruction Letters" to American farmers telling them they have "X" number of days to DESTROY THEIR CROPS IN THE GROUND, for which they will be paid 1.5 times the crop value, or face losing farm subsidies which will Bankrupt the farm!  


(Watch the Farmer's Video in Article)

The compilation video below shows:

Video of farmers destroying crops and paid by govt to do so.
Video of farmers dumping oil to "stabilize the oil market."
Video of containers arriving in port and workers being told to just let them sit.  PRODUCT and PARTS SHORTAGES!
Farmer talks about EO 14008 and how govt is buying farming land to NOT grow crops and create mass starvation by "Tackling the Climate Crisis At Home and Abroad."

Watch for yourselves as our own government prepares to intentionally starve us: