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Biden abandons Afghan interpreter who RESCUED him when his Blackhawk was...


The Afghan interpreter who helped rescue President Biden from a remote Afghan valley in 2008 has been left behind after the last US evacuation flight took off on Monday, according to a report. 

Mohammed, going only by his first name for safety reasons, is hiding from the Taliban with his wife and four children after trying for years to get out of Afghanistan to no avail.  

Mohammed, while working for the US Army, had a key role in a story often repeated - and embellished - by Biden during his 2008 run for vice president. 

As senator, Biden was on board one of two Blackhawk helicopters that made an emergency landing in a blinding snowstorm, alongside then-Sens. John Kerry D-Mass., and Chuck Hagel, R-Neb. 

Mohammed is one of the thousands of SIV applicants left behind. There were 88,000 SIV applicants and as of last week only 6,000 had gotten out. 

A private security team with the former firm Blackwater and US Army soldiers stood watch for Taliban fighters as the crew called Bagram Air Base for help, where Mohammed jumped in a Humvee along with a force from the 82nd Airborne Division and drove hours into the mountains to rescue them. 

The three senators were driven back to the base with the convoy. 

'Hello Mr. President: Save me and my family,' Mohammed said, according to the Wall Street Journal.  'Don't forget me here.'

'I can't leave my house,' he said on Tuesday. 'I'm very scared.' 

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