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RV Podcast #360: RV Air Conditioner Hack and Upgrade

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The Hack is a very simple addition to your existing RV air conditioner – a $300 product (we can save you $30 off that price) called SoftStartRV that you install up on the roof.

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The Upgrade is much more expensive. It involves totally replacing your existing unit with a new one that Advanced RV markets through its Upfitter Resource website as the Quiet Air Conditioner

In Episode 360 of the RV Podcast, we show you both the RV Air Conditioner Hack and the Upgrade, plus much more, including the RV News of the week, the latest on the 2021 edition of America's Largest RV Show upcoming in Hershey, PA, RV tips, your RV questions, and a hidden campground gem.

To watch the video version of the Podcast, click the player below: