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Drought, Famine & Vax = Depopulation Steve Quayle

•, By Greg Hunter

The globalists are cutting off the water, and that means cutting food supplies.   Quayle explains, "We have got record low water levels that are being broken.  We have absolute power issues coming up. . . . I am trying to tell people this:  the days of taking water for granted are over."

Quayle has a new film coming out at the end of September called "Megadrought: Vanishing Water."  The water shortage and extreme drought is all fitting into the Great Reset.  Quayle explains, "He who controls the head waters controls life.  This is why you are going to begin to see water wars.  In this film, we are dealing with global shortages of water and not just the U.S.  The U.S. is the most pronounced drought. . . . This issue is seen globally and I believe part of the Great Reset . . . It's about trying to get people controlled down to 1,500 calories a day.  Isn't it interesting, the UN eats filet mignon, and they are telling you and me to get used to eating insect protein.  The idea is controlling the food, and if you control food, you control life. . . . I am being told that when the water crisis gets acute enough on the West Coast, California, Washington, and Nevada will have border lockdowns.  What is a border lockdown?  Any state that has water does not want to be rushed with 20 or 40 million people, and that's what they are talking about."