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EXCLUSIVE: Tech bro boasts about hanging with 'notable celebrities and execs'...


Another year of Burning Man has been cancelled due to the pandemic but for the die-hard festivalgoers with money to spend, they have decided to create their own unofficial event.

Officials at the Bureau of Land Management, which controls the desert where the festival usually takes place, estimate the non-ticketed event will attract up to 20,000 people over Labor Day weekend. The last official ticketed Burning Man, which took place in 2019, drew nearly 80,000 Burners to the desert. 

Thousands of festivalgoers have already begun to descend on Nevada's Black Rock Desert - dubbed 'the Playa' - including Michael Goetzman, 38, of Wisconsin, who flew first class to the event on a semi-private jet.

'It's amazing, it feels like the 90s,' Goetzman, who works in cyber security, said of the renegade event, where he's camped out at the Bureau Of Misinformation site with 'lots of highly intelligent successful friends from the Bay Area,' including 'notable celebrities and executives,' although he would not disclose who was on the star-studded campsite. 

 'Out here, this is the real America, the freedom. It's public land. This is the real Silicon Valley of inspiration and emerging ideas. Bonds upon friends that spark innovations.' 

He also said there were 'lots of six-figure FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) workers' in attendance, who could afford luxuries such as Porta Potties and private performances during a year where the official Burning Man organization wasn't providing food, water, toilets and a weekend full of live music like they usually do.