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Gates & Our Dark Future

• Armstrong Economics


This push using COVID for a pretend passport is far more than simply this vaccination. Absolutely everything about you even suspected anti-government feelings are to be recorded on your file PRECISELY collecting the same data as the Stasi of East Germany. I have done my best to try to inform everyone without seeming that it was over-the-top. I have stayed away from all the stories about implanting chips to track you because that was not what I was hearing from reliable sources.

They have used COVID, which I swear was deliberately released at perfect timing, to create a panic where people would surrender their lives and destroy the entire world economy. We are approaching the 2-year mark and this is NEVER going to end because they do not GIVE A SHIT about you, your family, or your future. Gates, who was indoctrinated by his father to believe the population of the world had to be reduced, is NOT interested in creating vaccines to save humanity. He and the Rockefeller Foundation want to REDUCE the world population as typical elitists often do because they think they are God. These are VERY dangerous people that history will one day catalog up there alongside Adolf Hitler for his belief also in Eugenics.