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Anti-Vaxxers Are Building Their Own Craigslist to Get Away From the Vaccinated

• Vice World News

With nearly 70 percent of eligible Canadians fully vaccinated and the country opening up, members of the anti-vaxxer/lockdown movement are increasingly finding themselves having no choice but to deal with a pro-vaccine society. So what are anti-lockdown zealots supposed to do?

For a start, they can create their own microsociety where "freedom-loving Canadians" can plan meetups, find dates, and buy and sell goods and services on a clunky website, a Craigslist for anti-vaxxers, if you will.

That's what one activist is trying to do with Freedom Pages—a "directory for freedom-loving Canadians," your one-stop shop for all your anti-lockdown needs. 

"We have dedicated this site to Freedom Lovers—people who don't agree with the unlawful medical tyranny in Canada," the site's founder wrote on Telegram earlier this month. "Therefore, everything you find on our site is intended to be mask-free, vax-free, and fear-free."

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